Pin Up Series 13: Severus Snape

Continuing with Severus, this probably won't be the last time he's up here, because I just love to draw Snape so much!

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Aaaah treasure trail! XD I love it. The hair and the pose... and hipbones, lovely.
GRRR-ROWR!!! Yeeeah, baby! *waves her dollar bills Galleons in the air*

God, he's gorgeous, hon! I could ramble on and on about his hair and his nose and his nipple and his pants and his happy trail and everything else, but I'll spare you and just leave it at GORGEOUS! ;D
So serious and sexy! Yummm!
If that won't brighten any Snape fan's day, what will?
AAAAHH!!! My God! That's fabulous!
Aaaaaaahhhh!!!! He's so HOT! Green thong!!! I love your pin-up series so much, but this is just even more amazing than usual. :))
OH HECK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG... this is just... *thud*


Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love his expression, his HAIR (you've done so much with hair lately, it's perfect!), his chest and stomach and treasure trail... MMmmmmmm..... and his hipbones! And the way he's shoving his trousers down. Guh. Amazing...
GUH! Oh my god, he's fabulous! Messy hair, treasure trail, green thong, and HIS POSE! Also, oddly, I really like that he's wearing brown. Mmmmph. I am reduced to incoherent gurgling.

The pin ups series is made of win even more now than it was before. We are going to see Remus eventually, aren't we? ;)
Don't do that to me!! It is too early in the morning for him to be looking at me like that!!! AAAHHHHH! (Actually, no it isnt...)
;)) *LOVES*
*nods* definitely need more Sev, in various positions. I just wanna lick his hip in this picture and nuzzle... *ahem* :D
WOW. Me wants! =)

Gorgeous work, as always.
Why hellooooooooooo thar. Is that a green thong I see?
Hee! I never knew that greasy hair, green thong and arrogant expression ala Sirius would ever work. I'm kidding1 of course they are working well together!

Hot picture, Hime.
Ooh, very nice. I love the way he's standing and the tease of his underwear.
Oh yeah baby! Slytherin thong! *woot* That is one sexy man. I can't wait to see your Harry, so then I can put them together, la la la! These are all so awesome.

*fans self* That is the hottest thing EVER!!!! WOOO!!!!

Great job, Karasu!!! :D
NNNNNNNNNNNNGH. Damn, girl. That's hot.
oh, my. that's so hot.
Eeeee! Pin-up!Snape. He is gorgeous! I love his appearance and pose - he looks so much like Sirius! The long hair, his bared chest and stomach, the jacket hanging open (and the buttons!). And the trousers pulled down just enough for a peek! And his hipbone is driving me crazy - I just want to lick it! :))
Ooh! Very pretty!
Mmmm....gahhhh! Oh, yeah, baby! *drool*

He's just gorgeous, honey, especially with that heavy-lidded come-f*ck-me look!

Nice... very nice.
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